17 Anavar Side Effects you’llget (Unless youdothis…)

Anavar, the trade name of drug Oxandrolone is an anabolic steroid that was initially developed to help regain the lost weight after a severe trauma or a surgery or any chronic infections. It was also used for people who cannot maintain a healthy body weight and also used for patients suffering from Osteoporosis to help reduce bone pain. Later, it was discovered that Anavar is similar to testosterone which helps to lose body fat, gain lean mass and building strength. It promotes the growth of muscle tissue. Due to this, it is used by body builders. However, it does effect on cholesterol levels.

Side effects:

Side effects of Anavar include:

  1. any kind of sudden allergies,
  2. difficulty in breathing,
  3. nausea,
  4. vomiting,
  5. constipation,
  6. stomach problems,
  7. thirst,
  8. dark urine or any changes in urine,
  9. pain or weakness in joints,
  10. swelling in arms and feet,
  11. tiredness
  12. any problems related to penis or testicles
  13. insomnia,
  14. breast swelling and
  15. Increased/decreased desire of sex.
  • Apart from the above side effects, there are some gender specific irreversible side effects that may occur. Like, in Woman, there may be sudden acne, changes in hair growth (hair seen on chin or chest), deepened voice like men or enlarged clitoris. In men, problems like breast swelling may occur.
  • There are many dangerous side effects of Anavar on liver and blood vessels. Due to this, conditions like cancer, heart attack, internal bleeding or liver failure may occur without any symptoms of development of these illnesses. It also shows an effect on cholesterol levels.


Precautions while taking Anavar:

  1. The first precaution to take is to take Anavar in the prescribed doses of 80-100 mg per day for bulking and 40-60mg per day for cutting in men. Prolonged use and over dose may result in severe side effects. Always take it for 6-8 weeks and have equal amount of gap between cycles.
  2. The same is the case in women to avoid Virilization. Take only 5-20 mg per day for a period no longer than 6 weeks.
  3. To avoid mood changes and sexual side effects due to testosterone, men should always supplement Anavar with the right dose of testosterone.
  4. Be consistent with the time that you take the drug. Sticking to a schedule will help to regulate the active ingredients in the drug.
  5. Avoid taking highly acidic food, atleast within one hour of taking this drug as they may worsen the side effects.
  6. Do not take Anavar on empty stomach. A small glass of juice or some lite crackers will be sufficient.
  7. During or after the use of Anavar, some people do use supplements to support the cycle to prevent or minimize the side effects. One of them is a liver support as this is an alkylated steroid and has dangerous effects to liver.
  8. In order to keep depression away, some Woman rely on nutritional diet and mood enhancing supplements.
  9. This medicine is not safe for pregnant woman and can cause birth defects in unborn baby. Also avoid Oxandrolone if you are breast feeding.