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5 Important Questions You Should Ask Your Cosmetic Surgeon

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Every surgical success story begins with a successful initial consultation.

Patients who ask several questions tend to get the most out of their initial consultation and are often satisfied with the choices they make towards their surgery. However, there are some important questions that you need to ask when meeting with potential surgeons. These questions will help you decide whether or not the particular type of cosmetic surgery that you’re interested in, is right for you and it can also help you ensure your appearance and safety are in experienced hands.

Ask these five questions at your initial consult:

  1. Are you a board certified cosmetic surgeon?

Being board certified doesn’t just mean a surgeon passed his/her test. It’s a testament to having achieved a particular degree of training, experience and expertise in cosmetic surgery. Surgeons who are board certified by the Australian Board of Cosmetic Surgery have successfully completed, at least one year of cosmetic surgery fellowship training in every aspect of cosmetic surgery in addition to residency.

If you see a surgeon like Dr Peter Laniewski, who is in fact, board certified, make sure that you ask about any particular cosmetic surgery training and experience that the surgeon has undergone.

  1. How often do you administer the procedure I want?

It is not uncommon for cosmetic surgeons to specialise in certain procedures, like breast cosmetic surgery for example. Think about the advantages of picking a cosmetic surgeon who administers the surgical procedure you want as a large percentage of his/her practice. It’s more likely that, that surgeon has worked with a large number of patients with various body types and will most certainly be skilled in the most innovative surgical techniques.

  1. What kind of anaesthesia will be used?

Both general and local anaesthesia are statistically extremely safe when administered by a qualified anaesthetist. The ‘perfect’ kind of anaesthesia for any patient is unique on its own. General anaesthesia is often necessary for more complicated procedures, like a full facelift, abdominoplasty or when more than one surgical procedure are being administered. Whereas local anaesthesia offers certain advantages, like a shorter initial recovery.

  1. What should I expect the recovery process to be like?

You should ask the surgeon how long you need to recover before you can start your regular activities again such as; childcare, exercise, work , etc. Prior to your surgery, you will need to make sure that you can handle being “out of commission” for a few days to a few weeks, depending on how the complexity of the procedure.

  1. How much will the procedure cost?

The cost of any surgery should include the anaesthesia, surgeon’s fees, operating expenses, and any materials, such as; breast implants. Every single patient’s situation is unique, and the cost for a surgical procedure will differ depending on your specific goals needs. A trustworthy cosmetic surgeon will give you with a detailed quote, which is often good for about one month following your initial consultation.