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8 Questions People Always Ask About Breast Reduction

It is only natural that before having something as big as a plastic or cosmetic surgery done, you would want to have some answers, right? Well, if you are suffering from needlessly large breasts that are causing physical pain, you should probably consider having a breast reduction lift in Sydney. Here are some of the most common questions and answers:

  1. Why do people have a breast reduction surgery?

Usually, the reason behind this is because of medical issues, since large breasts can cause you to have severe neck, shoulder and back pain. However, some women do it simply because they are not satisfied by how their breasts are shaped; for example, if they are too saggy and big.du

Big breasts might cause neck, shoulder and back pain

  1. “Would I regret it?”

This all depends on the reason why you had breast reduction surgery in the first place. If you are having this procedure because you are not happy with how your body is shaped or because of physical pain, the chances are you will be satisfied with the results. However, if you are doing this for somebody else, you might regret it later.

  1. Is the recovery difficult?

Simply put, the recovery for breast reduction surgery is usually pretty painless. You will get your breasts covered with a cotton bra that does not have wires. Normally, there will be a small amount of pain involved, before your breasts start to adjust, but that lasts about a week.

  1. How different will your breasts look?

This depends on the shape of your breast before the surgery, but usually, the procedure will make your breasts look completely different. The process will reshape and lift them up, making them look different yet aesthetically pleasing.

  1. What about your nipples?

The breast reduction surgery is known to make your nipples a lot less sensitive than before, and in some rare cases, it might make them more sensitive, too. This depends on the way your doctor did the procedure.

  1. Will you be able to breastfeed?

50% of the women who had their breasts reduced are not able to breastfeed because the breast reduction surgery requires some of your breast tissues to be removed. However, some women also choose not to breastfeed because of fear that their breasts might grow again. There are also other complications that are rare but they might appear within the first 30-days after the surgery.

  1. Can men have a breast reduction surgery?

While not many people are aware of this, breast reduction surgery is not only meant for the female population. In some cases, such as the gynecomastia that causes the male breasts to be enlarged, men will also need a breast reduction surgery to make their breasts much smaller.

  1. Will you have to wear a bra?

While it might be a bit unbelievable, after the breast reduction surgery, you will not have to wear a bra anymore. Your breasts will be lifted and reshaped, and your skin will be tightened, which will make your breasts look natural without wearing a bra.du

You will not have to wear a bra for your breasts to look natural

Final word

It is always a good idea to read about the procedure before having one, and if you are looking for the best place to have a breast reduction surgery, you can try contacting the cosmetic surgery in Bondi Junction, Sydney. Overall, make sure to have a consultation with your doctor before proceeding with the surgery that will change your life.