Clenbuterol For Weight Loss – Right Cycles And Dosages

One of the most popular drugs for weight loss and muscle mass in the market is Clenbuterol. Many dieters and gym goers prefer intake of Clenbuterol for fat burning. But it is very important to take the right dosages of Clenbuterol in proper cycles to avoid any side effects. Clenbuterol intake can vary from person to person depending on the gender and age.

Clenbuterol for Beginners

If you have just started the use of Clenbuterol, you need to be very cautious. No matter if you are a trained athlete or have taken such supplements in the past, you are still a beginner for Clenbuterol intake. The intake for men can be 40 mcg initially and women take up to 0 mcg of this beta-2 stimulator in the start of their cycle. This intake is quite mild and safe.

You can take your Clenbuterol pills early morning or 1 hour before your workout. Taking Clenbuterol later in the day can cause sleeping problems. You need to be careful and check for any signs of side effects of Clenbuterol on your body. Clenbuterol HCL dosis should be taken in right and safe amounts.

Maximum Safe Dosage

When we want quicker results out of Clenbuterol, we may end up taking more amount of dosage per day. But you should know the maximum limit of intake of Clenbuterol to avoid any adverse effects. For men, the maximum limit can go up to 140 mcg per day and for women it can go till 100 mcg per day. Exceeding this limit may cause serious side effects.

Though these dosages can be bit harsh to your body, but will give you quicker results. It is advised that you should stick to the milder dosages for safer and better results. To develop a leaner and toned body, you would not want to develop serious health problems.

Clenbuterol Cycles

Clenbuterol is often taken in cutting cycles by most of its users. It means you need to take Clenbuterol two week on and two weeks off for better results. You start off with milder dosages and gradually increase them with 20 mg each day. As the half-life of Clenbuterol is 48 hours the one day dose will stay in the body for two days.

Everybody may react differently to Clenbuterol so first start with lighter dosages to see its effect. Clenbuterol works wonders if you take the proper amount of drug.