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Common Reason Why You Could Visit A Podiatrist

Podiatrists are definitely one of the most underrated doctors out there, as a lot of people don’t really even know what they can do for their patients. Since they are doctors that specialize in feet and lower extremities, there are all kinds of situations they can help with.

You can easily discover all of the services that podiatry offers by visiting, or you can check out your local podiatry office for a checkup of consultations as well. In this article, we are only going to cover the most common reasons, but there are plenty of other services they can do.

Recommend correct shoes

One of the most common reasons why people end up with some kind of pain in their feet is because they do not wear the correct shoes. This is a very common case when it comes to women, as they will often wear shoes only because of their looks, and not because of their comfort. Women who tend to wear high heels every day often have blisters, spurs, and if they wear them for a prolonged time, they can develop some serious conditions.

Podiatrists can easily recommend the perfect shoes for you no matter what kind of work you are involved in, and if nothing else, they can create custom-made orthotics for you which you can use with all the shoes.

Using the correct shoes solves many problems

What is custom orthotics?

Custom orthotics is orthotics which is created out of the mold from your feet. This orthotics is unique for you, and because of that, they are going to fit your feet perfectly, no matter in which shoe you decide to put them. Of course, this still implies that you have to get shoes that are the correct size, as getting shoes that are smaller or bigger than your feet bring other problems as well.

You can get professional foot orthotics Sydney like Orthotic Solutions Podiatry or a local podiatrist by letting them take a mold of your feet, and after that, you will usually have to wait just a couple of days while their production is completed.

Custom orthotics is quite useful for those in pain

They can take care of various foot infections

One of the most common infections among athletes is an infection called Athlete’s foot. That is a fungus which can easily be identified as it commonly attacks the area between your toes, and it has a very specific smell.

While this is a very common infection, the bacteria or fungus which causes it is not always the exact same one. The issue usually goes away after a couple of weeks on its own if you happen to wash your feet every day, as well as your shoes and socks, however, podiatrists can easily provide you with the correct antibiotic which will destroy the invading fungus or bacteria.

After you apply the cream provided by the podiatrist, most infections will go away after a couple of days. You will not have to spend your money purchasing various “universal” cures that usually do not work, as bacteria that attack the feet usually have quite a wide range of resistances.

Final Word

Podiatrists are definitely an underrated kind of doctors, and giving them a visit every year or two is definitely going to help you with various issues, especially if you are experiencing some kind of pain in your feet, or even in your back and neck as pain in those areas usually develops due to some kind of issue with your feet.