Why You Should Consider Electronic Cigarettes

Smokers face a lot of difficulties if they want to get rid of this bad habit. To overcome these obstacles, there are many ways to help you achieve this goal, including the electronic cigarette, which does not contain any tobacco, but only contains a so-called e-liquid with nicotine. These liquids are also available in different flavors.

The electronic cigarette is made in the form of a regular cigarette and is composed of three parts: the battery, which can be recharged, the capsule holding the e-liquid and the actual holder.

The electronic cigarette works by creating heat with the use of the battery, which in turn will vaporize the e liquid. This liquid consists of liquid propylene glycol and vegetable glycerine, in addition to flavorings, some water and alcohol and nicotine. The liquid is available in different variaties, some of which are either high in nicotine, medium or low, or even contain no nicotine at all.

Research has proven that the steam that is emitted contained a lot less harmful substances than those found in traditional cigarette smoke; mostly because the steamdoes not contain any tar.

Even though E-cigarettes are a great alternative to regular cigarettes, you should still not expect them to have the exact same flavor. However, you will soon find yourself getting used to them and perhaps enjoying them even more than the smokes you were so heavily addicted to before.

In a study conducted by the University of Geneva, about the effects of steam propylene glycol, animals were exposed to high doses of the substance for a prolonged period of time. The results showed that the absence of the risk of cancer or any other health conditions were conclusive of te safety of these cigarettes.

Another study conducted at the University of of Virginia, showed that the e-cigarette, which works by vaporizing the nicotine solution instead of burning tobacco material, is not harmful to health and that smokers who use these cigarettes do not have access to harmful substances found in traditional cigarettes, such as tar.

All this means is that, if you have previously tried to stop smoking, yet have failed every time, electronic cigarettes might very well be worth a try. They do not contain harmful substances and do not have any negative effects on your health. However, they still provide you with enough nicotine, so you do not have to resort to smoking a traditional cigarette.