Getting Raw Anavar Powder from India or China? THINK TWICE   

What is Anavar? In bodybuilding this is one of the most widely used steroids during the cutting cycle for burning the stored fat. This has both androgenic and anabolic effects and is also known by the name oxandrolone. This was first introduced in the year 1964 as a derivative of dihydrotestosterone. Anavar supplement powder was primarily being used in the treatment of medical conditions involving involuntary weight loss due to injuries, infections or any chronic illness like cancer and AIDS etc.

Now due to the ability of the steroid to facilitate weight loss it increasingly came to be used in the field of body building as they dramatically reduce the abdominal and visceral fat.michael-held-161973

This is available in the powdery white or crystalline form and sold in small in plastic bags. Since this is the powdered form of the steroid achieving 100% purity is very rare as addition of other products be it small quantities are imperative. 100% pure raw Anavar might have a chemical like taste but what we get commercially is around 98% pure and the taste that we experience is somewhat sweet. This, is mainly due to the starch, sugar lactose etc that are added to the raw form as fillers. The fillers do not cause much difference to the effectiveness of the steroid as a whole.

The dosage of Anavar supplement powder has direct effect on its purity level. Therefore lower purity would require a increase in the quantity taken. Now there are two methods to consume Anavar powder either by capping it that is making it into capsules or mixing it with other ingestible like peg400. For the purpose of making capsules there are automated capsule makers available online or you can even make it manually as well. Now to make them one needs the Anavar powder in raw form and apart from that, fillers to fill up the space in the cap that the active compound doesn’t. These fillers could be anything like corn starch, flour, lactose, protein powder etc. Whatever method we might use one has to be very precise with the measurements to get the correct dose. Plam scale 5.0 which is accurate to 0.1g is a recommended name.

Legal Status of Anavar Powder

Anavar is generally categorized as a controlled substance in countries like US, UK, Canada, Australia etc. Hence it is very difficult to obtain unless it is a licensed pharmacy. Unlike these countries certain places in Europe and Asia the scenario is different. They are available over the counter and are not controlled substances. In countries like India and China since the steroid is available over the counter or online it is very important to understand the quality of the product. Due to less stringent laws on the steroids there is a big black market as well. So make sure that you are not trapped into buying the counterfeit or low quality drugs. Always think twice before making the purchase and never make decisions purely on the price of the steroid.