Gift ideas for graduating doctors: because we all know one

Choosing to be a doctor is a career that is becoming increasingly popular. It is seen as a reputable and distinguished profession, one that earns well and one for which there will always be a need. Unlike journalists who have been replaced by social media or bakers who have been replaced by computers and automatic teller machines, people continue to get ill and need treatment for any number of ailments and conditions. The downside of being a doctor is of course the long time of study and practical required before qualifying. The choice to become a doctor is one that involves a lot of sacrifice and hard work and so it is that when you know somebody who is graduating from medical school it is a good idea to recognize the achievement with a gift. If you find yourself in such a position as a proud parent, a long-suffering partner or a loyal friend, here are a few ideas of gifts that might be appreciated.

Diagnostic tools

No matter what their hopes and dreams are as they progress in the medical world, all doctors will require some basic diagnostic tools in order to do perform the fundamentals of the job properly. Many make it through medical school without their own set of equipment, but once they make it into the real world, they will need these. These are to the type of things you find at your local supermarket, so if you don’t know where to start use the internet. Type a phrase like ‘Welch Allyn Australia’ into a search engine and you will be to the path to a solution. Once pointed in the right direction you will be able to acquire the tools required and complete the purchase of the perfect gift.


If your freshly made doctor has plans of starting their own practice it might be a good idea to look for some antique medical items for them to display in their rooms. Antique shops tend to have quite a lot of medical and paramedical paraphernalia available for purchase at reasonable prices. Items like old medical bags or medicine bottles, decrepit stethoscopes or aging microscopes. All of these have a distinguished air of learning and medicine about them and would look great in the reception area of a newly opened practice.

A special pen

Doctors are famed, and rightly so, for their terrible handwriting. But the truth is they are forced to write out prescriptions often and a nice pen is always very handy. A fountain pen with an engraved message is a great way to go. It will get used often and it will remind them of you every time they pick it up.


Qualifying as a doctor doesn’t mean an end to the hard work. The reality is that it only really starts once they have the degree. Suddenly they are on call at crazy hours, at the beck and call of specialists higher up the food chain and completely run off their feed by the time their shift comes to an end. It is important to understand this and to let them know that you are there for them. That you are ready to listen and debrief at the end life and death days and that you are supporting them unconditionally. It will make a huge difference to the weight on their shoulders as they head out for another day in accident and emergency to sort out the troubles of the world.