Are All HGH Steroid In Nature?


Human Growth Hormone or HGH is known to induce growth in human. Though these are recommended for people who have growth related deficiencies many professionals such as body builders and athletes do use this growth hormone for getting a toned and a bulked up body. Many people are still not sure if steroids and HGH are same. HGH is a growth hormone secreted in human pituitary glands. This hormone is associated with bulking up, muscle growth, tissue growth, and cellar growth. Steroids are anabolic in nature. They also perform similar functions to HGH. Testosterone is one steroid that is manufactured in the body. They are responsible for building toned body and bulking up and mostly athletes are behind this product. Though both of them have minor differences, one shadows another when coming to characteristics and usage.

Side effects of HGH

Both HGH and steroids have similar side effects. Both of them are produced in required quantities in the human body. Https:// is one of the sites which explains in a better way how hormones are different from steroids and other information is also explained here. Any person who have any medical history of illness, aged people, pregnant ladies and nursing mothers should stay away from HGH intake artificially. While individual products have their own risk, the combination of steroids and hormones are very risky. But this is the common methodology followed by most of the body builders. This is done on a purpose to get the benefits of both the products. In doing so, one needs to be completely aware of what potential effect the product will have in the body and what the side effects are. Even a minor change that is disturbing after taking any of this dose will have to be reported to a physician and should be monitored.

Steroids and hormones – confusion and conclusion

Most people confuse steroids and hormone to be same. But the answer is, they both are different products capable of doing similar things to the human body. Many anabolic steroids are classified as HGH including testosterone and estrogen. Both will have to be sold only with a legal prescription and are also available in the black market. Many marketing agencies also market and sell these products with the claim they are same. Both will have to be taken with a prescription and dosages will have to be monitored very often. So, even they both are different they are capable of giving same results and side effects.

Some famous HGH brands and claims

Many of these products are banned across countries. While many countries follow a strict policy of allowing these products on only medical grounds, there are intermediate sales persons and many manufacturers who still sell this for non-medical benefits. There are many online websites that sell these products with many offers and attractive deals so many users are tempted to give a try. Some brands include Somatropin, Anavar, Clen etc. these brands claim so many things including weight loss, anti-age reversal process and so many. But users will have to read reviews and product description. As mentioned the site  has all the information and users can find their questions explained here.