How Cissus Quadrangularis Capsule Can Be a Health Benefit

While the current research on the therapeutic use of Cissus quadrangularis has yet to reveal the full extent of its efficacy on a variety of disease conditions, the herb has earned its resilient reputation as an effective anti-inflammatory, bone strengthening, and weight loss promoting agent from recent research findings. It would not be a surprise why cissusquadrangularis has seen a steady rise in popularity among other herbal supplements in the market.

C. quadrangularis has long been used in a variety of folk medicine formulations to serve as an analgesic. It provides pain relief and aids in healing of fractured bones. The natural extracts derived from the plant have been used in tonic formulas. Other than joint pains, C. quadrangularis can be an herbal medicine used for menstrual pains, muscle aches, and headaches. The plant’s active ingredients help alleviate the pain and make the discomforts tolerable.



People who took cissus quadrangularis capsules have been reported to demonstrate an increase in bone mineral density. An increase in bone mineral density helps avoid the debilitating effects and progression of osteoporosis. Other than hastening the healing of broken bones, the herb also helps your body maintain its bone health at optimum levels. This helps you to perform autonomous activities that you would otherwise could not do when the effects of osteoporosis sets in.

Recent studies on its potential for aiding weight loss have also been observed. Obese patients that reported taking the supplement have reported weight loss after weeks of taking the supplement daily. Its synergistic effect with other herbal supplements are currently being explored. This leads to better glycemic control and high blood cholesterol prevention.

C. quadrangularis supplements marketed not only contain the plant’s active ingredients, these supplements also contain other vitamins and minerals for an added health benefit. For people who have difficulty getting enough nutrients to comply with their daily recommend dietary intake, though not a definite substitute for a well-balanced diet, this herbal supplement can help prevent vitamin and mineral dificiencies.


Cissus quadrangularis extract has long been known as an effective analgesic. As a herbal supplement, one can keep their bodies functioning in good health with its active ingredients and added nutrients in the formulation. While empirical research findings on its full benefits are still being discovered and rediscovered, C. quadrangularis extract can definitely be a reasonable candidate to help you keep your body in good shape.