The Importance of Posture Correction

Remember when your school teacher or parents kept telling you to stop slouching in your chair, and to sit up straight so you wouldn’t get round shoulders? Do you also remember that as soon as you were on your own again you slid back into the bad posture? Silly you, they were doing you the biggest favor, even if at the time they didn’t fully realize the importance of correct posture and how it can adversely affect your health.

So why were they doing you a favor? Because your posture can make or break your performance and skeletal health not to mention … well, everything. If you sit and stand with your posture aligned properly it helps you to work much more efficiently, feel less tired and there is less strain on your spine. It also puts less strain on your ligaments, tendons and muscles. So the first step in breaking those old unhealthy habits of bad posture and to lessen stress and strain on your spine is to make an appointment with your chiropractor

Considering the spine is the structure that holds us up against the forces of gravity, it is no mean task. And gravity being an inescapable force of nature, no matter whether we stand, sit or lie down, it is there, exerting a downwards force on our spines, ligaments and tendons, muscles and joints. So give your back a break.


By being aware of and creating the good habits that your chiropractor will recommend when it comes to posture, you can begin to distribute gravity’s force all through your body, therefore no one area will be over-stressed and muscles can be strengthened to their normal function rather than having to rush to the aid of an unsupported joint or other muscles. This will allow you to move freely, be more flexible, run, walk with ease and lift weights if you so choose.

Sitting in the wrong position can lead to shortened, tightened muscles and tendons that lock you into the wrong positions and can cause pain. Posture affects all your movements, your balance and muscle strength but also the proper working of your internal organs, so when you’re aligned and functioning properly you feel wonderful. Not only that, you come across to others as more confident, outgoing, attractive and healthy. Another thing, good posture can make you look slimmer and younger and your clothes will fall the way the designers meant them to fall and to fit.

Good posture also affects your breathing – think of a monk meditating in the lotus position. The back is straight, right? You’ll never see monks slouching! And their breathing is deep and relaxing. Poor posture leads to shortened frontal tendons and muscles and can cause you to feel restricted in how much air you can breathe in and it tightens the whole upper body.

Both the digestive system and circulation are also affected by poor posture because without good posture the stomach can’t assume its natural position with the pressure placed on it when you get into the habit of slouching. This pressure interferes with the flow of natural gastrointestinal acids and contributes to constipation, gastro-oesophageal reflux disease (GORD), and can lead to hernias and the pressure on joints can lead to arthritis. Correcting your posture can bring about less wear and tear on the joints and ligaments as well as preventing injury,

A good stretch, a smile, a deep breath and simply straightening up your posture can do wonders for your mood and lessen fatigue. It’s important for those who spend hours sitting at a desk to have good back support. Your chiropractor can advise you on all of these details to ease back pain because if you continue over time to slouch it can change your spine and lead to constricted nerves and blood vessels, which causes pain and discomfort.