Information about the Onward Orthopedics Partnership

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Onward Orthopedics is a partnership between skilled orthopedic surgeons focusing on minimally invasive treatment options for knees, shoulders, wrists, elbows and ankles. They are currently taking new patients in Houston, Dallas and Phoenix.

Physicians in Group

The physicians in this group have specialized in joint replacement, sports medicine and all do general orthopedics. From tendon reconstructions after injuries in sports, our physician will offer advanced treatments in areas specific to your case to help promote rapid recovery. Click Here to Learn More about Onward Orthopedics

Robotic Knee Replacements

Tissue-sparing approach for the enhancement of accuracy and precision for both toal and partial knee replacements.

Robotic Hip Replacements

An anterior approach which speeds up the recovery time for hip replacement and reduction of post-operation pain.

Joint Arthroscopy

This is an outpatient procedure that allows the surgeon to diagnose and treat common joint issues.

which speeds up hip replacement recovery time and -op

Patient Care Manager

Add this to our medical knowledge and expertise; the commitment to patient service goes above and beyond others in the field of orthopedics. When you contact them, you will be contacted by a compassionate Patient Care Manager. This is the person who will help get your initial consult scheduled, verify your insurance or Medicare benefits, provide help with any upfront costs or any out-of-pocket expenses, help schedule your surgery and follow-up during recovery.


Onward Orthopedics locations include Scottsdale Arizona, Houston and Dallas, Texas. Each physician partners manage their own practices in the respective cities. When you schedule an appointment, your Patient Care Manager will help you with directions to the location of your physician. If you need surgery, Onward Orthopedic partner surgeons operate out of the following facilities.


Southwest Freeway Surgery Center

4120 SW Freeway, Suite 200

Houston, Texas 77027

1st Street Surgical Hospital

4801 Bissonet Street,

Bellaire, Texas 77401

Hermann Drive Surgical Hospital

2001 Hermann Drive

Houston, Texas 77004


Plano Surgical Hospital

2301 Marsh Lane,

Plano, Texas 75093


Scottsdale Hospital

17600 N. Perimeter Drive

Scottsdale, AZ 85255