A Look at the History of Penis Enlargement

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A Look at the History of Penis Enlargement

Records of penile enlargement can be found throughout history. Treatments were, of course, not nearly as advanced as they are today. Centuries ago, treatments were more herbal or the penis was decorated in some way to make it look more attractive.

Believe it or not, penis size wasn’t always the sign of male dominance and sexuality that it is today. It’s only in recent years that the size of a man’s penis became directly related to his sexuality and masculinity.

Size didn’t always matter

If we take things back to the ancient times of the Romans and Greeks, we will discover that even though they were very masculine-dominated culture, a small penis was ideal. In fact, Romans considered a small penis to be a mark of intelligence, while a larger penis made a man seem more primitive.

Priapus, a mythological god who had an overly large penis that was disproportionate to the rest of his body was meant to be a mockery to men.

In Japanese culture you will notice that sexuality is dramatised, with penises being much larger and far more detailed. In Japan, the penis was portrayed as large and erect and was a sign of domination over women.

India was one of the few countries that took female preference into account when depicting the penis.

As we look at how the penis was portrayed in different cultures over the year, we can start to see why penis size has always been an important issue for men. For some men, penis size is everything and can end up causing a lot of emotional distress and a sometimes unhealthy sex life. It’s important to develop a healthy and realistic view of what an ideal penis size is before seeking treatment or investing in penis enlargement products.

Penis enlargement in a modern world

Today, the modern man has the option to change the size of his penis to suit his personal preferences. Academy Laser Clinics are specialists in penis enhancements and are one of the many clinics that now offer penis enlargement solutions.

In order to feel more confident in the bedroom and because we live in a society where size is a big deal, men of various ages are choosing to enhance the shape and size of their penises.  

Today, there are several different penis enlargement methods that will allow men to:

  • Lengthen the penis
  • Improve the scrotum’s appearance
  • Correct a curved or bent penis
  • Correct hypospadias
  • Improve circulation and tissue repair to combat impotence

If you are considering penis enlargement, it’s best to stay away from any pills, creams, supplements and products that contain dangerous ingredients or make unrealistic claims. These products hardly ever work and will most likely not increase the size of your penis. In fact, most of these products and pills will end up doing more harm than good, sometimes resulting in permanent damage.

If you are worried about the health of your penis, you should always consult with a reputable medical professional first.