Maintaining Good Health When Working or Living Abroad

Moving to another country brings with it a variety of challenges and one of those is maintaining good health. Whether you are worried about sleeping or eating the right foods in another country, here are a few ways you can maintain good health when working or living abroad.

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Finding Good Healthcare

This is one of the biggest worries for expats, as healthcare can differ in various countries. Finding a hospital or doctor’s surgery that can provide you with good healthcare can put your mind at ease if something does go wrong. Some countries are leading the way in technologically advanced healthcare without the language barrier. If you are an expat living in Thailand, getting a medical check up in Bangkok will leave you feeling in safe hands. If you are unsure of where to go for great healthcare, speak to others in similar situations and check online reviews if possible.


Some people find the change in time zones difficult when sleeping. Others may find the change in temperature difficult and, therefore, it is essential you find a way to deal with this to get a decent sleep each night. If your new country is warm and sleeping is a nightmare, think about installing air conditioning or a fan for your bedroom.

Eating the Right Foods

Many expats find the move from one type of cuisine to another problematic. If you have a condition such as IBS, finding foods that do not upset your stomach and are healthy can be difficult. Many things can be different in another country, from the water to how the food is cooked. You may find you get an upset stomach. To minimize this risk, stick to foods you know and slowly venture out. You may find it is a little trial and error and making your own food is often best until your stomach is ready to conquer the local cuisine. It is also too easy when first moving to eat out all the time, especially if you do not know how to make the local cuisine as good as the locals can. This can cause us to eat unhealthily for weeks at a time. Try visiting your local supermarket and testing out your new kitchen, making healthier food options.

Staying Sociable

If you have chosen to move to another country alone, one thing that can greatly affect our health is loneliness. Starting fresh on your own is great for many reasons but meeting new people can be difficult and lead to feelings of isolation. Rather than letting this affect your mental health, find ways to meet others and get yourself out there. This may mean visiting places on your own and for some people, this is a huge step. Although it can be tough going at it alone, joining exercise groups or grabbing a drink at a bar may lead you to finding a lifelong friend.

Working and living abroad brings with it many health challenges but following these simple tips can help you to stay happy and healthy in your new country.