You follow a strict diet and fitness schedule, but you cannot shred any pounds or even gain weight. Maybe you are making some mistakes that disrupt your weight loss process.

Eat too much protein

Most dieters replace carbohydrate by protein and healthy fats in their food intake to drop some pounds. Obviously, it is true, and dietitians advise you the kind of diet.  But when you consume too much protein, the protein surplus is then transferred into fat accumulated in your body.


Eat too often

We are recommended to eat more small meals instead of 3 meals including breakfast, lunch, and dinner. This recommendation appears to be misguided. Many of you have a meal even you are not hungry. Instead, you eat to satisfy your appetite.

Without a doubt, when you consume more food than the need of your body, the excessive food provides you unnecessary nutrients to increase your weight.

Skip breakfast

Breakfast is proved to be beneficial for our health and a weight loss plan. However, some people skip breakfast to slim down, and there is no doubt that the method seems to be counter-effective. In fact, skipping breakfast makes you hungrier during the morning. Then, you are urged to eat more at lunch to fill your stomach.

Take fast diet pills without consulting a dietician.

Many people choose fast diet pills for their weight loss plan especially when they need to slim down fast. Some fast weight loss pills like Fenfast 375, PhenBlue, … However, since most of the pills are non-prescription drugs, you may think that it is unnecessary to consult a dietician.

But in fact, it is totally wrong. Your dietician will recommend appropriate pills that based on your health condition and pill ingredients and therefore, without the recommendation, so it may be confusing for you to choose the appetite suppressants, fat burners, weight loss supplements.


Exercise too much

You are crazing about losing weight and getting fit, and then you work flat out at the gym with the hope that you can accelerate your weight loss process. You subject yourself to exercises of the high level of repetition and intensity.

Of course, exercise is essential to drop pounds, but exercising too much may cause bad effects. Our body and muscles need time (usually from 48 to 72 hours) to recover after muscle training or physical activities.

Hence, following a strenuous fitness schedule doesn’t help you achieve your goal. Instead, it may cause unwanted effects such as body injuries.


To conclude, these are the most common weight loss mistakes that you need to avoid to achieve your fitness goal. Keep in mind that only eat enough for the need of your body and when you are hungry, never skip breakfast, exercise too much and abuse pills.