Make a great first impression on your patients

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In business, you never have a second chance to make a first impression, as the saying goes, and this holds especially true for a doctor’s medical practice. The experience that a new patient or prospective patient has when first contacting a doctor’s office can pave the way for a long and satisfying relationship, or it could drive them away to another practice and lead to a decline of the practice altogether. In the midst of a busy and hectic practice, lack of skill for inbound patient calls can create havoc, and it is the last thing a practice needs. Unfortunately, it is a common scenario – in part due directly to the face that the environment is busy and hectic.

Taking the pressure off of your in-house office and medical staff by employing a medical answering service is one way to keep your practice on track and growing. Hiring a competent and effective answering service means that you are building your practice instead of spinning your wheels and providing poor customer service. Some possible problem areas to be on the lookout for in your practice could include hearing complaints from patients that they have a hard time getting their calls to your office answered, or finding that appointments and cancellations aren’t getting handled in a timely manner. You could also find that your waiting room doesn’t clear out efficiently if patients cannot be helped through the payment and exit process because office personnel are trying to take calls and schedule appointments.

All of this and more could be weakening your practice in small and slow acting ways that can happen before you realize trouble is in the making. Being proactive in bringing in an expert medical answering solution can take the pressure off of your staff and get your practice back on track. With services that can include 24/7 call answering, call forwarding, call recording and appointment scheduling with follow up, you could find even more time to see patients and do the work you are really meant to do. Current technology allows you to receive messages from answered calls via email, a forwarded call, or text which gives you options in response. These services are not only convenient, they can sometimes be life saving. Medical answering service professionals are well aware of situations where patients may need to seek immediate emergency care, and can help direct patients in that regard. This, again, helps your practice and provides the best in customer care.

When your patients can seeking to get an appointment, your medical answering service can take on this task easily and competently. By integration between their software programs and your calendar, they stay plugged in for what you already have scheduled and what is being requested – including cancellations and following up with scheduled patients to ensure the appointment is going to be kept. This means your day’s scheduled appointments are full, but not too full, and if last minute cancellations occur, they can often contact those waiting for appointments to fill the gaps, solving multiple problems with just a couple of calls. Efficiency and first impressions go a long way – visit to learn more about how medical answering services can help you. Visit today to learn how a professional answering service can help you grow your practice.

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