Muscle and Myofascial Pain Can Be Treated To Get Back To Normal Life

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Skeletal muscle as the name implies is muscle attached to skeleton which moves bones. These voluntary muscles are not only responsible for movement but also a sensory organ. Muscle pain is related to stress, tension and physical activity which stimulate pain sensation on receptors located in muscle fiber.Myofascial pain is a chronic pain disorder. It is a specific phenomenon, trigger point of which is contracture of a sarcomere (a muscle unit).A junction of nerve ending and muscle fibre is called end plate, from where vicious circle of pain is triggered. Since trigger point pain is coupled with nerve and joint pain it can be superficial or deep. Your sleep could be affected due to myofascial pain.

Best treatment for your muscle pain

For successful myofascial treatment a comprehensive and precise diagnosis is essential. A combination of ESWT (extracorporeal shockwave therapy) and manual therapy is comprehensive. Diagnostic tools like ultrasonography and elasrtography are used to identify deep trigger points and tendinopathies and enthesiopathies for therapy of trigger points. To get rid of your muscle and myofascial pain and to get modern treatment just log on to : for complete guidance.

Knee joint pain

Knee is one of the largest and complex joints in your body. The knee joints the thigh bone(femur)to shin bone(tibia).The smaller bone(fibula) runs along tibia and kneecap(patella) that makes your knee. Cartilage in knee acts as shock absorber. Most non arthritic pain are located below, above or under knee cap.Obesity,age related wear and tear, long hours in sitting position, weakness and muscular imbalance are major factors for knee pain. Knee pain could be very painful and irritating, common belief is surgery is only way to fix it. But latest technology and innovation can treat knee pain effectively without surgery. Gait lab which is a state-of- the –art technology is used to analyze joint angels to identify and measure mechanical defects and rectify it so you can walk or run without pain. Physical therapy exercises strengthen and rebalance your muscle that support knee joint for perpetual pain free walking or running.

Sports medicine

Strength, endurance and effortless skilful movement are necessary for performance of an athlete. Combination of different skilful physical movements without using maximum strength allows them to be top of the game.Technique, focus, balance and optimal body mechanics are attributes to their skill. Sports medicine is not only about treatment, rehabilitation and physical therapy but also about injury prevention and complete clinical technological motion analysis.Strenght and endurance is not sufficient to be on top of the game training program which can analyze an athlete’s every motion give an extra edge. Sports medicine provides diagnostic, preventive, rehabilitive and performance enhancement for all group of athletes.

Back to your normal life

New York Dynamic Neuromuscular Rehabilitation and Physical Therapy are committed to giving you back your normal life. Unique treatment is tailored for every individual’s pain and injury. Using sophisticated diagnostic methods and therapy tools you get back to your jogging or walking. You can be beneficiated from these modern tools and start strengthening your muscles and joints fast. Then you can get back to the usual routine of your younger life slowly but surely. You can find more about such tools in the link – and then you can decide about the tools and therapies that you can fall back to get ahead with bolder steps.