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Naturopath Revolves Around the Concept of Self-healing

The term ‘naturopath’ is derived from ‘natura’ (meaning birth in Latin) and ‘pathos’ (means suffering in Greek. It is a type of alternative medicine practice that promotes self-healing, non-invasive and natural processes to cure a disease. It does not rely much on the concept of modern evidence-based medicine and promotes folk medicine and vitalism for treatment. It has its belief in a body’s capability to heal itself using ‘vital energy’ that drives all bodily functions. Practitioners of it usually follow a holistic approach to treat symptoms rather than using drugs or going for a surgery. Therefore, an initial consultation with a naturopath Sydney can be quite lengthy for a patient that can include many aspects like physical examination, medical history, physical features, lifestyle, etc. Some other aspects related to them are also presented here.

  • They can be regarded as a General Practitioner – A naturopath practitioner can be regarded as a primary care provider. He can be of help to a patient with a yet-to-be diagnosed health issue and at the same time may provide the needed care that may be required in different medical conditions. They can prescribe drugs, carry out simple surgeries and can even help in combining traditional medical approaches like lifestyle and diet along with their field of practice. Hence, it can be quite handy for a patient to visit such a practitioner in an undiagnosed stage.
  • Traditional naturopaths are somewhat strict in their approach – Traditional naturopaths only deal with changes in lifestyle. They do not treat a disease or diagnose a medical condition. They can suggest alternative remedies to a medical symptom, but they do not have much faith in antibiotics or vaccines. This is also a reason why many people do not like to visit them at all times.

Naturopathy initially started during the 19th century, but much has changed since then. However, the guiding principles of the practice are still very much the same.