You need to know this when ordering medication online

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What medications do you get at the mail order pharmacy? How do you redeem a recipe online? How safe are online pharmacies? When are you better off at the on-site pharmacy? You should know that. If you want to order your medicine online you should have a little time and not need it urgently. The shipping will very little time if ordering online with It is embarrassing to order medicine for genital fungus in the retail pharmacy. You will appreciate the anonymity of the internet ordering. Patients who live in the countryside save a long way when ordering in the mail order pharmacy.

Redeem a recipe at a mail-order pharmacy

Prescription drugs are available in your area only with the original recipe. What applies to the local pharmacy is also valid in mail order pharmacies. Scans, copies or faxes are not allowed by law. For some pharmacy medicines, there is a dosage restriction of a maximum of two to three packs. Most internet pharmacies pay the postage when you redeem your prescription there and usually get your medication within a few days.

Which medications can you order online?

Many medications are now available online against original prescription. Some mail-order pharmacies may not accept T-prescriptions. These are special prescriptions for drugs with the active ingredients lenalidomide, pomalidomide, thalidomide and no narcotic formulas, so-called BTM recipes.

What should you pay attention to with old medications?

The medicine cabinet is full but half of the medication is slumbering peacefully there for years. Whether you can still use the medicines or you can donate old pills. Reputable online pharmacies have an imprint with a postal address, owner and regulatory authority. And there is a hotline for advice and inquiries on the website. Mail-order pharmacies are required to provide the same advice as the pharmacy on site.

Conclusion: Online pharmacy tips

When ordering, please inform the mail order pharmacy about exactly what medicines you are taking at the same time as the ordered product. This helps the online pharmacists to recognize interactions between the preparations and to warn you about the fake drugs. Attention to the amount of shipping. For many providers, the delivery is free from a certain minimum order value. On the Internet, you can find companies that sell drugs at low prices but it should be remembered that the medicine you bought may be a fake. Assess the quality of the drug is almost impossible. The box and the appearance of the tablets can be exactly like the original. Therefore, according to experts it’s worth paying attention not to the pricebut to the legal work of the company in the market.