What You Need To Know About Raising Your First Cat

There are quite a lot of people that own a cat, in fact, it is one of the most popular animals to have as a pet across the planet, however, that does not mean that taking care of a cat is easy. In this article, we are going to cover some essential things that you need to know when raising your first cat.

Of course, it is always a good idea to consult with the best cat care in Sydney like Gordon Vet Hospital, or your local vet before you get a cat, since getting more information is definitely going to help you out more than you think.

Make a shopping list

If you happen to live in an apartment, the first thing that you will want to get is a litter box. You should purchase the litter box, as well as some food and toys before you even bring your new cat into the apartment because it will make it much easier for the cat to adapt to the new environment.

Cats make perfect companions for kids as well

Prepare a safe spot

Cats often love to find a sport for themselves where they are going to be safe and undisturbed. The safe spot can be some kind of a box with a blanket, or an empty closet. It is very important to give your cat privacy when she wants to have it, especially in the first few weeks.

Cat proofing

Just like you would baby proof your house, making it cat proof is also a thing. Since cats are quite curious animals, it is very important to make sure all of the closets and drawers where you wouldn’t like your cat to go are locked.

Cat proofing your house might take a bit of time, but it is definitely going to be worth your time, since adventurous young cats really like to scratch things and visit places that are definitely not intended for them to visit.

Visit the vet

It is very important to make sure your new cat is in good health. You can check out https://gordonvet.com.au/ku-ring-gai-vet/ or visit a local vet for a quick checkup in order to make sure that everything is ok, and you might as well provide her with a couple of services offered by the vet such as neutering.

Scratching toys

As your cat keeps growing up, you will be able to teach her what items she can scratch, and which ones she cannot. Of course, it is very important to supply new scratching toys every now and then, since they will get used up at some point, and once they do, if you don’t pay attention to your car, the furniture is often the next on the list.

Play with your cat

It is very important to spend a lot of time with your new cat in order to create that special unbreakable bond. At first, the cat might not be that interested, and some cats are even scared. However, if you approach the cat with enough patience, you will quickly become best friends.

Cats are quite active and they love to play!

Final Word

Raising a cat is definitely one of the best experiences a pet owner can have, and seeing your cat grow up into an adult, going through all of the phases is very entertaining. As time goes by you will learn about your cats likes and dislikes, and eventually you will become inseparable.