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Overcoming Barriers to Physical Activity: Helping Youth Be More Active

The whole world has fallen short of the recommended fitness levels. Youngsters are at a higher risk since how active someone is today determines how their life will be in later days. It is regrettable that most youths have found solitude in their smartphones rather than sports and other computerized devices. On the other hand, those who choose to remain active are likely to have a very vibrant life, with fewer health complications in their later days. Together, we can overcome the numerous physical barriers that are robbing the youths their fitness. My take on how to do this is described here.

Excessive Use of Smartphones

While there is nothing wrong with using a smartphone, misusing it can be dangerous to the youths. Have you ever wondered what they millennial youngsters are always doing leaning forward in front of their devices? Probably, you will be surprised to know that it has nothing to do with fitness research. The best way to overcome this is by encouraging the youths to take advantage of their phones to search for reputable fitness solutions and workout tutorials. This will make more sense.

Social Media Influence

One thing that has taken all the time for the youths is the social media. Most youths are enrolled in more than one social media platform. They want to have access to all every day and spend some time chatting with their friends. Social media platforms can be used to share fitness information and challenge people to do it. However, no one seems to take things in this direction. All that is needed is to encourage people to use social media in a way that youths will benefit physically.

Lack of Facilities

There is a big number of youths who claim that they cannot access fitness facilities. To them, a fitness membership is the only way to stay fit. Without enough money for this, they cite this as an excuse to stay unfit. Governments and authorities in most of the states across the world have created wonderful parks and public sports grounds. Youngsters can take advantage of these and engage in sports and other activities like running to stay fit at all times.

Fear of Injuries

Physically activities can lead to injuries; there is no doubt about it. However, this does not mean that youths should shy away from doing engaging in fitness. Those who live an active life enjoy more benefits than just the injuries. Youths need to know that people can prevent injuries while engaging in sports, running in the park or any other physical activities.

Lack of Motivation

Youths are the least motivated when it comes to physical fitness. They actually do not see it as to have any benefits to them. Both parents and authorities can come up with strategies that reward youths and encourage them to engage in physical activities. Thankfully, schools and some organizations motivate the teenagers who excel in sports. But everyone cannot be in those teams. There is a great need for all to play a part in motivating the youths as an excellent way to encourage them to engage in physical fitness.