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How to Start a Healthy Fitness Routine

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In an age where many jobs are performed in front of a computer screen, it is more important than ever to take your health into your own hands. Sitting at a desk all day and then coming home to plop in front of a TV screen takes a real toll on your fitness levels. In order to be healthy, you should focus on working at least 30 minutes of exercise into your daily routine.

How Important Is Exercise?

Everyone knows somewhere in the back of their mind that they should work out. If you do not make it a priority, it is easy to keep putting a trip to the gym on the back burner. There are a number of important reasons why you should put your fitness at the top of your to-do list.

Boost Heart Health

You only have one heart and you want to keep it in good working order for your whole life. Without exercising the huge muscle that is your heart, you have no chance of keeping it healthy. Working this muscle on a daily basis allows your heart to pump more efficiently, keeps your blood pressure regulated and lowers your resting heart rate.

Prevent Diseases

Diseases such as diabetes, high cholesterol, stroke and some types of cancers are more likely to occur in those who lead a sedentary lifestyle. In order to lower your chances of developing these conditions, exercise is a must.

Learn New Skills

Many people put off going to the gym because they find working out a boring chore. Exercise can be fun and something to look forward to. You can get in a good workout and learn a new skill at the same time. Tennis is a great competitive sport that gets your heart rate up as you run all over the court. Pure Barre is a ballet based workout that helps you tone muscles while you gain flexibility. A martial arts class can help you learn to defend yourself while strengthening your body and reaction time. These are all workouts that are hard, but will have you looking forward to the next session.

Improve Mood

It has been found that mood disorders can be significantly improved through regular exercise. Those with conditions such as depression and anxiety show noticeably positive effects almost immediately. Exercise also improves your ability to get a full night of restful sleep, which has been shown to improve mental health disorders as well.

Increase Energy Levels

If you feel sluggish at the end of every day, you would benefit from a regular workout routine. Even though it seems contradictory, exercise increases overall energy levels. A quick workout can be far more effective at banishing fatigue than a nap.

What Exercises Are Right For You?

With the many exercise options available it is difficult to decide what is the best workout for you. There are a number of factors to consider when developing your workout routine.

A Well Rounded Routine

In order to get the most from your exercise, you need to cover all the fitness basics. Flexibility, Strength and cardio should all factor into your weekly routine. Many classes, such as Pure Barre, offer all three in one workout.

A Workout You Enjoy

If you look forward to your workout with the same enthusiasm as a root canal, it is unlikely that you will stick with it for the long term. You need to find workouts that you enjoy to ensure that you will not give up.

Consider Your Needs

Your schedule, fitness level, and workout preferences will all contribute to finding your best routine. If you have kids or a tight schedule, a workout that is quick, yet powerful, may work better for you. If you are starting from scratch, you will need to find workouts tailored to beginners. If you prefer working out around people or need someone to push you,  joining a gym may work better than a home workout. Your needs will help you shape your fitness routine.

What Are Your Goals?

Your goals can also help you decide what workout is right for you. If you are seeking to lose weight, concentrating on high-intensity cardio is a great option. The desire to have greater flexibility will require an entirely different workout. Examine your goals first and then decide which exercises work within those goals.