How to Stop Unnecessary Hair Loss

When you feel like your hair is thinning, you will surely be alarmed. After all, the hair is our crowning glory and it can greatly affect our looks. Admit it, even if we are not that particular with our looks, still when something is greatly affecting it, we start to get worried.

Though there are times when hair loss is inevitable like when its reason is age, genes and some other complications that are considered natural, still there are also those that can be avoided.

So how can you stop unnecessary hair loss?

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  1. Scalp massage plus essential oils

Scalp massage is always good for your hair as it helps in the circulation process so that hair follicles will be more active. However, if you combine it with essential oils such as lavender or bay, they can enhance the effects brought about by scalp massaging.

  1. Avoid unnecessary procedures that can damage your hair

Prevention is always a better cure. And one factor that can certainly damage hair is those procedures that entail the use of damaging chemicals and equipment like hair color, hair rebonding and so on. If you can avoid using them, much better. However, if it can’t be prevented, just try to widen the gap for every procedure.

  1. Use egg oil

Massaging your scalp with egg oil or eyova can also do a lot of good things to restore the volume of your hair. You just have to leave the egg oil overnight and do the process 2 to 3 times a week for 12 weeks. For sure you will see visible results.

  1. Avoid pulling your hair too tight

Tying your hair can also cause damage though not that much really. However, if you will tie or pull them too tight, trust that split ends or some other visible damages will soon be noticed.

  1. Hot oil treatments

Yes, hot oil treatments can also do the trick to restore the moisture of your hair. Do this with caution though as sometimes, overdoing it can also bring about adverse effects such as graying and more.

Another sure way to restore the thickness of your hair, especially if the thinning is quite obvious already is through Capilia hair transplant. Capilia Group is already here since 2005 giving them more than a decade in the hair industry. They already have 48 affiliated centers all over Canada and in the US.