Top Reasons Why People Choose Rhinoplasty Surgery

It’s no secret that plastic surgery has become quite common in our society. However, there are so many different procedures performed that it can be hard to keep track of why exactly people choose to have them done.

One of the most commonly performed plastic surgery procedures is the nose job, also known as a rhinoplasty procedure. Rhinoplasty can fix a number of issues, from serious medical problems to a confidence boost. Here are a few to give you an idea of why people opt to have this kind of procedure done.

To correct a broken nose:

Rhinoplasty is the only way to correct a broken nose. A break to the nose can leave it misshapen and also create breathing problems. Rhinoplasty can reset the bones, returning your nose to its normal functionality and appearance.

To help breathing:

Rhinoplasty can help fix different breathing problems as most breathing issues stem from the nose, including obstructed or narrow nasal passages. Rhinoplasty can correct these problems and many other issues effectively resulting in easier breathing.

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To make a nose thinner:

Most individuals who want a thinner nose feel like their nose takes away from the rest of their facial features and choose rhinoplasty to fix the problem. A rhinoplasty can slim your nose down and make it proportional with your face, while still aiming to retain the essential functions of the nose.

To reduce a bulbous tip:

A bulbous tip is another reason for rhinoplasty. With a bulbous tip, the end of the nose is round and looks large in comparison to the rest of the nose. A rhinoplasty procedure can readjust the tip of the nose, making it look blended in with the rest of its structure.

To remove a bump:

Rhinoplasty is often sought to eliminate a bump in the nose. Most people often want a smoother profile and generally feel like a bump in their nose ruins their facial appearance. A rhinoplasty procedure can remove the bump in your nose and make it look as even from the side as it does from the front.

To shorten the nose:

If you have always wanted to shorten your nose, rhinoplasty may be the answer for you. Many people dislike the length of their nose and feel a shorter nose would significantly improve the look of their face. This is achievable through rhinoplasty.

To straighten the nose:

Another popular reason for rhinoplasty surgery is to straighten the nose. An out of proportion nose can sometimes look unsightly, but can also be a cause of breathing problems. Rhinoplasty can offer you the straight nose you have always wanted.

Choosing to have rhinoplasty is an important and serious decision with permanent results. However, Sutherland Shire Rhinoplasty specialist Dr Alan Evans will make it easier for you at every stage, consulting thoroughly with you before you decide to go ahead. Rhinoplasty can give you the beautiful, properly functional nose you have always craved, resulting in more confidence for the rest of your life.