Twin gear juicer as a mean to care of your health

Needless to say that Omega is one of the most reputable and respected brands on the market pushing aside lots of competitors and boasting the superior-quality materials only. It so turned that the brand’s one-gear masticating machines have deservedly won the admirers’ hearts and recognition due to their high-level efficiency and simply unsurpassed performance. At first glance, it would seem the company has already used its potential and can’t simply overreach itself in what refers to domestic appliances production. However, as occurred, the manufacturer hasn’t yet thrown all the trump cards, since the new type of juicer has recently come to win the fans’ devotion. Its name is Omega TWN30S twin-gear juicer.

Advantages of a twin-gear technology

Unlike centrifugal and one-gear appliances the newly introduced model features the two augers to press fruits and vegetables with much higher efficiency. The counter-rotating augers operate at a constant speed of 160 RPM and create enough pressure to squeeze juice from ingredients of practically any type. The Omega twin gear juicer review goes into details as to what benefits this dual-auger technology brings. To make the long article short, a low operational speed allows all the vitamins and nutrients to be preserved and extracted with no losses. The absence of a heat factor greatly benefits to the end product quality, emphasizing its rich taste and amazing flavor.

This being said, the model’s advantages do not end on producing the fresh nutritious drinks. The featured twin-gear technology allows for making nut butter, sorbets and baby food without any problem. The stainless steel covering makes it possible to work with no signs of oxidation thus, making beverages storable for up to 3 days (their nutritious properties remain the same for the whole 72 hours).


The model’s strong and weak sides

When enumerating the product’s advantages, one can’t omit the fact it allows you to adjust the level of pressure applied to various kinds of ingredients. This means you can tighten it for some truly hard sorts of fruits. But, surely, it’s not only about tightening and loosening the device’s mechanisms. The fruits themselves need to be thoroughly cut for the juicer’s motor not to overheat and augers not to jam. Should you do things right, the appliance will self-feed and cause no troubles during the juice extraction process. Also, controlling the pulp level will help you to get exactly the sort of juice you prefer.


No heat build-up due to a slow rotation speed

72 hours of juice storage time

Can handle any ingredients from citruses to leafy greens

Totally BPA-free device

No oxidation during the juice extraction

Automatic pulp ejection technology

Quiet in work


Quite an expensive type of a product

A bit hard-to-follow for a novice user

Comes with a narrow chute (you’ll have to cut the fruits into smaller pieces)

From what we see, Omega TWN30S is a type of machine that can help you do a lot of work around the kitchen. Should you care of it properly it will serve you faithfully in a long run. Under the term ‘care’ we, surely, mean regular cleaning and following the key manual instructions. And in case you don’t mind paying some extra dollars, you’ll never regret about obtaining the product doing favors to your health on a daily basis.