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Why vapers must choose organic e juice

The use of vape or e-cigarette is becoming widespread today. This must be the reason why a lot of stores are selling all sorts of vape types in the market. Let’s say that smokers are just trying to upgrade or level up their smoking experience, right? In fact, this must be a good news because these individuals can at least minimize tobacco smoking.

Anyway, as a vaper, you must be very much meticulous in choosing the right e juice. Well, if you will observe the market, then you will see that there are numerous brands and flavors available. So, what e juice will you buy for your vape?

You must be aware that e juice contains various chemicals, right? But, this is not true to organic e juice because areal and certified organic e juice must have no additives in its formula. Why don’t you check on this article to find out some facts and information about an organic e juice? A certified organic type is not that easy to find, so if you have not heard yet about this type of liquid used in vaping, then you better start reading about it because this is what you must use.

No chemicals added

An organic e juice has no chemicals added to it. This must be carefully checked and approved by the USDA. Without their approval, then the liquid is not considered as organic. This agency needs to be very strict and meticulous in checking the formula that a particular company is using. Through this, they can certify that it is safe and chemical-free.

Do you know that most plantations are using pesticides that contain chemicals? Now, when this ingredient is used in the formula, then you are not safe from those chemicals. Therefore, the USDA will not certify that the finished product is organic.

So, if you are going to check the e juice products in the market, you cannot always see that seal, certifying that a certain product is organic. But, even if this liquid did not pass the standards of the USDA, vendors are still selling it in the market. This is the reason why a lot of e juice is offered at a very affordable price. Of course, vapers grab that chance to buy their e juice. Check this outto learn how an organic e juice passes the USDA standards.

PG and VP

A Propylene Glycol or PG is a compound that is usually used in making e juice to add flavor. If the liquid formula contains this type of compound, then it is said to be synthetic because it was just processed and manufactured in the laboratory. This only means that it is absolutely a chemical and is not needed in processing an organic e juice.

A Vegetable Glycerin or VG are extracts from vegetables. It can only be organic, if it was grown without using any chemical like pesticides on it. So, if a company can manufacture and produce an organic e juice, containing VG, then it is an ideal liquid to use. Though expect this product to be expensive not because it is organic, but because of the fact that not all e juice sold in the market are authentic.

Nicotine Free

If you are a tobacco cigarette smoker, then you must be aware that nicotine is used as a pesticide for tobacco leaves to grow well. But, remember that any pesticide or chemical used in the formula of e juice will not pass the standard requirements of the USDA. Therefore, if you can find a liquid with nicotine content, then it is not considered as an organic e juice. Go to find out more about nicotine content in e juice.

It is true that tobacco leaves are manually picked from the plantation. But, the sad thing there is the use of pesticides and that makes it not organic. Let’s say that you may use an organic pesticide in the tobacco, but this will surely need a deeper investigation and more time is required for this. Now, if you are considering your sales as a company, who sell e juice, then you would not surely want to wait for a long time just to prove that your product is organic.