What Is The SynMed Automated Prescription Dispensary System?

Synmed is a class of medical dispensary system designed for complete automation.  The machines can be programmed to prepare and dispense solid oral medications into pill organizing blister packs.  This is the latest development in the quickly emerging field of medical technology and certainly one of the most innovative robotic medical assistants in use today.

Automated systems like this can improve efficiency and efficacy through the development of several components that lead to better overall performance.Image result for What Is The SynMed Automated Prescription Dispensary System?


One of the most immediate benefits of an automated system, of course, is speed. That is not to say that these systems are extremely fast (though they are) but, more importantly, the rate by which these systems can fill orders remains for more consistently fast than manual operations.

    • SynMed automated medical dispensary machines have several groups of cards on production trays, with 7 units which select and place each medication in their own respective blister packs
    • blister pack filling occurs simultaneous
    • Automatic management of selection, counting, and placement of medications in blister packs
    • automatic management fills at an impressive rate of 55 doses per minute
    • As many as 45 cards can be completed, per hour, depending on the average number of medications filled per patient


Typically—in manual operations, at least—increasing speed often means a sacrifice in accuracy. An automated system, then, ensures that you get both, improving speed and consistency without concern over risks to accuracy.

    • automated preparation ensures more accuracy by removing simple human error
    • the integration of scanning and reference points throughout the production and verification stage to ensure more control, but in a practical way
    • automatic medication selection counts and places the blisters
    • the pharmacy management system delivers the prescriptions, electronically, to the robot
    • improves reliability over manual preparation method


Finally, any system that improves efficiency across any process will eventually reduce production costs. This is an inevitable benefit of automation, though it can sometimes take a while to see the difference.

    • reduces prescription preparation time by as much as 80 percent over manual preparation
    • reduces verification time of prescription order by as much as 50 percent