What to do when you have gestational diabetes?


We all know that diabetes is a condition when the blood sugar level increases in our body. Excess of sugar level in the blood is definitely not a desired condition and must be treated with immediate effect in order to keep the sugar level in check. Chronic diabetes can lead to the failure of kidney, and affect eyes and other organs of the body. So when you are expecting your baby and you have diabetes you need to take care of it first. Diabetes during pregnancy is known as gestational diabetes and it can cause harm to your baby in various ways. Shockingly enough, out of 100 women in the United States around 7 get affected by gestational diabetes.

If you are looking for a blog for health tips on gestational diabetes then you have come to right place. The information provided here will help you understand how you can treat this deadly disease.

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What you need to understand about this disease?

Gestational diabetes happens only when the woman is pregnant and it gets cured when the woman gives birth to the baby. The woman may not have diabetes before her pregnancy and thus it is generally curable. However gestational diabetes can lead to Type 2 diabetes later on. It may also cause obesity in the mother as well as the baby afterward. Every woman must get themselves tested for gestational diabetes in their second trimester. If someone has a high risk then she should get tested during her first trimester to avoid any complications in the development of the baby.

What should you do?

Women who are already suffering from diabetes should work on their blood sugar level when they plan to conceive. It is important for a woman to bring their sugar level to normal before they get pregnant. Babies conceived with high diabetes condition can harm the baby’s development in the first few weeks. Your baby’s development largely depends on the normalcy of your blood sugar level. In order to lower the risk of any complications you should:

  • Workout a diet plan during your gestation period
  • A workout program safe during pregnancy
  • Test the blood sugar level and regular intervals
  • Consult your doctor for medicines during pregnancy

How can you treat gestational diabetes?

Gestational diabetes should be treated immediately without any delay since it poses a threat not only to you but your baby as well. The basic and most important treatment should be the target to keep the blood sugar level at normal. To achieve this, the woman would need an active life that is not stressful but keeps her blood circulation well. Special meals should be planned out that is devoid of any sugar. The treatment may also require the woman to take insulin injections and periodical blood tests. Stringent doses of prescribed medicines should be given to the woman before and after meals. It is not always possible to keep your body weight in check while you are pregnant. However, regular weight check will enable you to control your body weight and keep a check on gestational diabetes.